1. Collecting information on the activities of grant-making foundations, keeping a relating database and operating a library

The Center collects and catalogues publications and information on grant-making foundations. It maintains a database of annual reports, project reports, grant-program announcements, and information on the personnel of foundations, which is available to the public through its library. The Center also provides information on grants on request.

The library is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. It is closed on national holidays and from December 27 through January 5, and from August 14 through August 20 each year.

2. Hosting meetings, seminars, and symposia on grant-making foundations

To further the development of more effective grant-making activities by foundations, the Center organizes seminars as needed on grant-making programs and training of foundation personnel. The Center also holds meetings for JFC Mates to encourage the exchange of opinion and information among foundation staff members.

The Center hosts symposia and other meetings with the aim to promote communication and cooperation among grant-making foundations, as well as to enhance social awareness and understanding of their significant role and functions by grant-making activities.

3. Compiling and publishing information on grant-making activities

The Center publishes the following reference works regularly.

JFC Views, a Japanese-language newsletter aimed at promoting social awareness of grant-making foundations and encouraging grant-making activities; published quarterly

Josei-Kin Oubo Gaido (Guide to Private Grant Sources), Japanese-language directories on grant program announcements for researchers and for NPOs by Japanese grant-making foundations; published annually in March

Josei Dantai Yoran: Minkan Joseikin Gaido (Directory of Grant-Making Foundations: Guide to Private Grant Sources), a Japanese-language directory of approximately nine hundred grant-making foundations in Japan with extensive indexes; published biennially

English version Directory of Grant-Making Foundations: Guide to Private Grant Sources is used to explain the current status of Japanese grant-making foundations; published irregularly

4. Promoting communication and cooperation among grant-making foundations and with other organizations

The Center coordinates joint research projects and/or joint grant programs conducted by foundations and other organizations.

The Center also maintains constructive interaction and cooperation with NGOs and NPOs to further the work of the Center.

5. Contributing to international exchange and cooperation

The Center also enhances international exchange with foundations and other organizations abroad by exchanging information, attending international conferences and supporting international joint grant programs.

6. Supporting to establish homepages of grant-making foundations

The Center helps to launch the homepages of grant-making foundations showing their activities.

On a homepage of a grant-making foundation, the Center introduces a system which is linked with the Center’s database about grant programs in the past and the result summaries of research grants.