About Us

Mission and Background

The Japan Foundation Center (hereinafter JFC) was established in 1985. With contributions from private grant-making foundations and the business community, it was incorporated as a foundation in 1988 and transferred to a public interest incorporated foundation (PIIF) in 2009.

As an information exchange platform for grant-making foundations that provide grants, awards, scholarships, and other programs, JFC supports their activities and operations and serves as a bridge between them and grant seekers. It also aims to promote public understanding of the role of grant-making foundations, thereby contributing to the development and improvement of nongovernmental charitable activities.

JFC’s activities are supported by about 300 grant-making foundations which are members.


Board of Directors

Mr. Masayuki Deguchi, Professor Emeritus, National Museum of Ethnology (President and Representative Director)

Mr. Kazuhiko Hanasaki (Executive and Representative Director)

Ms. Takako Amemiya, President, Japan Association of Charitable Organizations (Director)

Mr. Masayuki Ohshima, Executive Director, Kirin Welfare Foundation (Director)

Mr. Masao Katayama, President, The Saison Foundation (Director)

Mr. Hiroaki Shichijo, Advisor, The Mitsubishi Foundation (Director)

Mr. Naoki Sugimoto, Senior Executive Director, Asahi Glass Foundation (Director)

Ms. Junko Chano, Executive Director, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Director)

Mr. Takatoshi Hino, Executive Director and Secretary General, The Sumitomo Foundation (Director)

Mr. Mizuno,  Executive Director,  Nissei Foundation (Director)

Ms. Akiko Morozumi, Secretary General, the Japan Foundation Center (Director)

Mr. Akihiro Yamamoto, Executive Director, The Toyota Foundation (Director)

Ms. Gen Watanabe, Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Social Design for the 21st Century, Rikkyo University (Director)

Mr. Kazuhisa Arii, Executive Director, Dentsu Scholarship Foundation (Auditor)

Mr. Tomohiro Niizato, Certified Public Accountant, Tomohiro Shinzato Tax Accountant Office (Auditor)

Board of Trustees

Mr. Yoshimitsu Arai, Executive Director, Ichimura Foundation for New Technology (Trustee)

Mr. Atsushi Ishida, Executive Director, Minna-no-Tsukuru Foundation Okayama (Trustee)

Mr. Kazumichi Eda, Executive Director, Iwatani Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Masahiro Okamoto, Professor Emeritus, Kwansei Gakuin University (Trustee)

Mr. Katsuyoshi Ozaki, Executive Director, Suntory Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Takeshi Kato, Research Center for University Studies, University of Tsukuba (Trustee)

Ms. Eriko Kameoka, President, Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation (Trustee)

Ms. Kyoko Shimada, Former Executive Director, Yokohama Arts Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Takayasu Hasegawa, Executive Director, The Uehara Memorial Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Hiroaki Harada Executive Director, Nissan Global Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Hiroshi Hamaguchi, Hiroshi Hamaguchi & Associates (Trustee)

Mr. Kazuhito Himeda Executive Director, The Inamori Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Seiji Hironaka, Executive Director and Secretary General, Niwano Peace Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Masahiro Henmi, Executive Director, Toray Science Foundation (Trustee)

Mr. Akihiro Matsukawa, Executive Director, JKA (Trustee)


Delivery of Information through the “Grant Information Portal(in Japanese)”

JFC has built its database, “Grant Information Portal,” covering approximately 2,000 grant-making organizations.  Its scope covers approximately 3,500 grant programs for non-designated and semi-designated applications, run by around 2,000 grant-making organizations.


Hosting training seminars, symposiums and fora

To further the development of more effective grant-making activities by foundations, JFC organizes seminars and training programs for foundation personnel. The Center also holds annual forum for member organizations and relevant stakeholders to exchange of opinion and information and to enhance social awareness and understanding of the significant role and functions by grant-making activities. 


JFC publishes the following reference works regularly (in Japanese): 

a. JFC News: Quarterly newsletter aimed at promoting social awareness of grant-making foundations and encouraging grant-making activities; 

b. The Japan Foundation Center Report, “The State of Japan’s Grant-Making Foundations”: This publication is an update of the long-standing “Directory of Grant-Making Foundations.”  It contains insightful discussions and up-to-date information on the current expectations of private grant-making foundations, their trends, activities, and a list of private grant-making foundations.

Coordinating communication and cooperation between stakeholders

JFC facilitates communication and cooperation including joint research and/or grant programs by foundations and other stakeholders, including governments, corporate sectors, NPOs/NGOs and other organizations. 

International exchange and cooperation

JFC enhances international exchange and collaboration with foundations and other organizations abroad by exchanging information, attending international conferences and other collaboration programs. 

The JFC is a tax exempt and tax deductible foundation equivalent to a Charity in England and Wales and a IRC 501(c )3 organization in the Unites States of America.

International Alliance

Currently, JFC is partnering with the following overseas organizations.

Charities Aid Foundations  https://www.cafonline.org/
Alliance Magazine  https://www.alliancemagazine.org/
WINGS  (In preparation. To be announced)


JFC is actively seeking donations to roll out its diverse range of activities. The donated funds will be made maximum use for charitable initiatives etc.  Please note that donations for JFC are eligible for tax benefits, including tax deductions, for both corporations and individuals.

Also, JFC shall carry out proper due diligence procedures in receiving donation and accept fund exclusively via regulated financial channels.

For further inquiry, please contact: office@jfc.or.jp


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